So… You’re going to Build A Website. Here’s What You Need To Know

So… You’re going to Build A Website. Here’s What You Need To Know

Building a website

If you’re getting ready to have a website built for your company or already have a site & need it updated, this article by David Calabrese is a good starting point. David goes in-depth about what you should know before starting, during the process & what to expect. Enjoy:

Your company’s website is its front window and door to the world. It’s where customers and prospects learn about your company and its products and services. It’s an important channel for engaging people and building relationships with them and a vital part of your digital experience.

Because so many people do their research online before communicating with a company your website is critical to being part of the decision-making process. This makes your website an integral part of many aspects of the business from customer support to ecommerce and sales.

Updating your website takes time and resources, which can be significant depending on the size and complexity of your business needs, It’s important to look at your website updates as a capital investment the same as you would a new hire, building, or equipment—measuring the return on your investment in total and the time to return.  Continue Reading…