The State Of Header Bidding

The State Of Header Bidding

Header Bidding

As SSP Agency keeps in tune with the ever-changing technology of digital marketing, we enjoy thorough research & well-written articles on some of the best strategies. We really enjoyed Ross Benes’ take on Header Bidding. A topic of true value in the marketing world today:

As the amount of advertising that is bought programmatically continues to rise, header bidding has become a go-to ad selling tactic for publishers.

Four years ago, publishers began using header bidding to sell their digital inventory. This revolutionized automated advertising because it allowed them to simultaneously offer inventory to multiple ad exchanges before making calls to their ad servers. Previously, programmatic publishers used an approach called waterfalling that passed bids sequentially from one exchange to the next.

The way publishers and advertisers approach programmatic has changed significantly since header bidding debuted. Here are five charts about the state of header bidding.  Continue reading…