Case Study

Case Study

Earp's Seafood Market

Website Design & Build

Take a look at our results from the Earp’s Seafood Market Campaign. When Earp’s came to us, they did not even have a website. We designed & built a great looking, user-friendly, responsive website so they could attract all the customers they were missing by not having a web presence. We included all the major essentials like name, address & phone number on every page & also included an extensive menu page with all of their market items listed & links to learn about each product. We also included a blog with seafood topics for those people interested in learning more about seafood. We decided to include a recipe & tips page (has been very popular) since their customers buy the products to take home & cook.  After publishing the website, their store traffic immediately increased along with phone calls to the store.

SEO Research

We started the website campaign for Earp’s in November & quickly got their website noticed by using calculated ad placements resulting with an incredible number of visitors considering they had no way for anyone to find them before. As we continued our structured method of SEO research, we monitored our progress daily & could see it was on track.

We started implementing the SEO entries for Earp’s in January and saw an uptick in traffic & presence but after the search engines began to see the consistency & relevance,  everything really took off. As you can see by the charts, at the end of March, Earp’s went from 139 impressions on the best day of the week to over 1024 by the end of June. That’s over 7x the impressions in just a few months. Obviously their traffic has increased tremendously, they are getting more phone calls & more traffic coming into the store as well, which in turn has increased their sales to more than triple what they  were before.
** In the top graph, the reason you see the up & down consistently is because Earp’s is not open Sunday through Tuesday, so the traffic goes down a little on these days then ramps back up on Wednesday through Saturday. The most important feature to notice is where the graph starts on the left & how much it rises after the seo entries are applied.  The huge rise to where it is now on the right end of the chart is the result of our SEO services.

** SEO campaigns will have varying results depending on a number of factors such as: location you are ranking for, competition for your keywords, which type of field your business is in, your budget for enhancements, etc.  But we will use structured, proven methods that have always worked to improve your rankings, increase your website traffic & increase your sales.& do everything we can to get you to page 1.
(as in all cases, seo results take time & although some can see results quickly, most will take a few months before it really starts to progress)

SEO Enhancements

After designing & building the website, we added the setup of SEO basics to prepare for the next step of intense research & implementation of the more in-depth enhancements. With our proven, structured method, we add keywords starting with the obvious ones & working our way to the more difficult ones. We add directory citations, map citations, geo-tagging, backlinks, and other important entries to ensure the search engines see everything & connect it all together. Although it is a tedious process, it is necessary to move up the search ranks. Our services are best when grouped all together in a package, but we can do smaller single services to help move you up in the rankings also, although it usually takes longer when doing single services one at a time.

As you can see from the Google My Business reports on the right, Earp’s is very pleased with the SEO services we are doing for them. Looking at the top report from April of this year, Earp’s was on a Google search page someone pulled up 44,783 times in that month. Wow!!  When you look at the bottom stats is when you can really see where our SEO enhancements kicked in. Earp’s had 484 people ask for directions, up 60% from the month earlier. 1,691 people visited the website, up over 153% from March and Earp’s had 2,142 calls to their store with an increase of 157%.  These numbers are the definite sign the SEO entries have been indexed & locked into the search engines. Staying on top of the ever-changing search pages is the hard part. You have to constantly monitor your stats & be ready to change aspects of your ranking strategy if needed.
The next report below April is the May ’20 report. If you look at it, you will see the numbers still increased in every category with 52,265 people finding Earp’s on the page they were viewing. People asking for directions went up another 30% and people visiting the website went up another 29%.  This is how SEO services can work!!

April '20 Report

May '20 Report

Search Rankings for Google, Bing & Yahoo 7/09/20

SEO Results

Finally, to show you the results we want for all of our clients.
Earp’s Seafood Market has climbed to the top of the search engine pages (Google, Bing, Yahoo). Although we enter many variations of keywords, we chose 10 of the most used to concentrate on. Now, most of those keywords are ranked in the top 4 on the first page of all the search engines with a couple coming in at 5 & 7.  However, some of the pages have a directory site (ex: Yelp, Yellow Pages) as the #1 spot, but Earp’s is actually the first (#1) business listed. Getting to the #1 spot is the ultimate goal, but if you can even get to the first page, your business will benefit tremendously with more traffic, more calls, more sales, & more brand recognition creating repeat customers.
Let SSP get you the SEO results you want & the successful business you deserve!! 

Bing Top Spot & Top Box

Page 1

Bing 2 of top 3 spots & 2 of 3 spots in Video Box

Page 1

Google 2 of top 4 spots

Page 1

Google top 3

Page 1